Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cartoon Generators and Fun Feedback!

As I venture deeper into the blogging world with the Teacher Challenge, I am finding more and more web tools and resources to share with my students -- and they are eating it up with a voracious appetite! I think any project that takes them away from the traditional book report is met with great excitement! And of course, I am loving the fact that they are free resources!

One tool that I am having a blast with myself is the cartoon/comic strip generator, ToonDoo! With a tag line of "World's fastest way to create cartoons",  ToonDoo allowed me to create a strip in no time at all!  Ease of use and minimal time are the things I look for in giving new assignments to my different grade levels.

As always, my mind is racing with the possibilities that this resource offers...story points for ILA, historic moments in Social Studies, discovery in Science...hmmm, maybe the kids will have better ideas?

A great feedback tool that helps me stay on top of what the kids are enjoying in technology is WallWisher.
 I have used it to ask students what their favorite programs, websites, or hardware is as well as poll my teachers on their favorite tech integration uses in their classrooms.  It's as easy as sticking a note on a bulletin board -- all posts can be pre-approved by the moderator before posting -- and it's a lot of fun to boot! On a downside, though, it seems a fairly new app and is sometimes glitchy trying to access your board. I have found it a great tool for getting thoughts on a specific subject!

Class WallWisher page-- feedback on fav technology uses

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