Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teacher Challenge and so much FUN!

I am really enjoying the Edublogs Teacher Challenge ! I am meeting so many other teachers and tech ed specialists that I feel like my world is just opening up.  It is so exciting to see the wonderful things that are being done in classrooms around the world with technology education integration.  Ideas abound !

I also hope to hone my blogging skills -- not only for myself, but for those I want to share my ideas with and those who I have found that are wonderful gems in the tech-ed field!

One of my challenges was to note what makes a blog effective...to that end I decided to use a new found tool - Wordle!  This free web-based applet takes a list of words and creates a graphic out of them. I had so much fun with it that I asked each grade of  my students to write down words that describe our computer class. I entered the words into Wordle and printed them out for the classes to enjoy and compare.

After visiting various blogs that truly demonstrate effective communication, I did the same for my blog. My experience has left me feeling like I am sitting at a birthday party table full of presents...

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