Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Professional Development (in the comfort of your home...or beach...or poolside)


Reading (or Listening) for PD.

While you're building your reading list for the summer, whether at the beach, by the pool, or in a comfy chair, slip a few
books in that stretch your professional development. There are so many available for whatever topic you are interested in,
so here are a few of my picks. Some allow you to practice a new skill and some are laced with humor -- all are good reads.
Try something new or share your picks in the comments.

I’ve curated a PDF list on my Wakelet - See the list HERE. I found it easy to curate from Amazon, but you can get the
books anywhere. (I do not receive compensation from Amazon).

Maybe reading is more than you want to do, so why not check out a Podcast? There is quite a resurgence of
Educational Podcasters available these days.  Most of my favorite bloggers (see sidebar or click here) are now using
the medium and it is great!
The podcasts vary from short and sweet ideas to almost hour long themed casts with resources.

I use Podcast Republic for my Podcasts, but there are probably dozens of Apps based on your platform or preferences.  
Some podcasts to check out:

The Google Teacher Tribe by Matt Miller and Kasey Bell

The Ten-Minute Teacher Podcast by Vicki Davis

The Creative Classroom by John Spencer

Truth for Teachers by Angela Watson

The House of #EdTech by Christopher Nesi

PD in Your Flip Flops.

There are a plethora of workshops available online that let you pick and choose according to your schedule; some are live and others are archived for viewing at any time. Check out some of these free webinars:

The Teach with Tech Conference (TWTcon) July 22-24
I love this multi-day online conference -- it offers workshops on a variety of topics every hour for several days. It's pop-in/pop-out depending on your interests.
TWTCON 2019 Teach With Tech Online Conference dates: July 22-24, 2019. Teachers participate in a wide range of sessions online that focus on classroom teaching strategies with technology. Come and see the new innovations in online learning technologies. Both free and paid tickets are available.”

Simple K12 - PD in your Bunny Slippers (all year)
Offers free basic membership, live and on-demand webinars, resources and community.

Google for Educators - looking to hone your Google for Education skills, explore this site (all year)

What are you doing for PD this summer? Share in the comments below...
Safe Surfing,

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