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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Websites for Students (and Teachers)

I have been teaching EdTech for about 10 years in a K-8 school and am always searching for new and creative ways for my students to present their work.  Originally, it was printed documents, followed by Power Point presentations, and then limited videos. Over the past few years, there has been a boon of new innovations as well as web-based project sites for teachers (and students) to choose from for creative outlet. 

My students' current favorite is Glogster--an interactive web-based virtual poster--to the point that they want to do all their projects on it. They also like PhotoStory 3, whether it is their own video or art, or imported pictures in our predominantly PC lab.  The most recent find has been Museum Box, a great tool for Social Studies where students can collect items (pics, video, text, audio, etc)  and virtually place them into a box to describe an event or person -- it is very cool!

Not Just for Students...
These web based tools also allow my fellow teachers to find new ways for their subject matter to be presented -- and ultimately share with their students. Whether the subject matter is History, ILA, Science, or cross-curricular -- it allows for a fresh take on some old material for everyone -- a win-win!

I recently read a list from Mr. EduHow To's  blog where he compiled his students' "14 Student Favorite Project Websites". I thought I would share his list -- it will also give me a chance to share more options with my students!